Introduction Hi there, let me introduce you to CannibOil and how it came about.Back in 2017 I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. There is a phrase I like, `prevention is better than cure.‘ so I started using CBD oil in the hope that it would prevent the tumor from returning.I was then very surprised how… Continue reading Introduction

Prioritising our Customers

Here at Canniboil, we strive and aspire to meet and satisfy our customers needs and priorities.To achieve this we are constantly doing surveys, and listening to our customers feedback and concerns.When we first started out many moons ago, one of the primary concerns of our customers was, the taste of the cbd oil. So immediately… Continue reading Prioritising our Customers

How can I prevent mental health conditions?

The awareness of mental health over the past decade, has come on leaps and bounds. With the added pressures of everyday life, people are finding it more difficult to cope, consequently causing many of us to be troubled by mental health conditions.   Conditions such as, anxiety, anger, eating disorders, psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia and many… Continue reading How can I prevent mental health conditions?

Can CBD help with my heart condition ?

Can CBD help my Menstruation ?

Exercise and CBD ?

Can CBD help with my heart condition ?

CBD or cannabidiol, is one of the primary cannabinoids located within the cannabis plant.Tetrahydrocannabinol THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid also located within the cannabis plant. THC will give the sensation of feeling high, where as CBD does not contain this ingredient, therefore not giving the feeling of being high or buzzed.Their is still an abundance… Continue reading Can CBD help with my heart condition ?

Does CBD differ on gender ?

Cannabinoid or CBD, can affect different people in different ways. Age, size and tolerance are all factors to be taken into consideration when taking CBD.A teenager for example who is taking it for medicinal purpose, may not need as much an adult who is taking it to relax and unwind. Furthermore an elderly person who… Continue reading Does CBD differ on gender ?

Can CBD help my anxiety?

Their have been many studies over the recent years regarding the effect of CBD to treat anxiety. The human race is much more busier and more stressed by ratio than it was two decades ago. Studies  in 2019, uncovered that a dosage of around 300mg-600mg daily substantially relieved anxiety symptoms in around 58 male adults, who… Continue reading Can CBD help my anxiety?

The impact of CBD on the brain ?

 The unique neurological impact of CBD on the human brain, is the sole reason this product has embraced the world of wellbeing. As more and more data and research is revealed, the more popular CBD is becoming to people all over the world. Research has revealed that CBD has its own unique way of collaborating… Continue reading The impact of CBD on the brain ?