Menstrual cramps amongst women can be a very painful and discomforting experience, far too often. Painkillers, hot water bottles, herbal baths, camomile tea, avoiding caffeine and premenstrual exercise are just some of the remedies women use to relieve their symptoms.


Then there was a light bulb moment. If CBD oil can aid chronic pain and inflammation, then why not menstrual cramps. Some women have proclaimed that smoking cannabis whilst on there period, had very positive effects on relieving there symptoms.


When a woman is menstruating the uterus contracts causing the lining of the uterus to be expelled.


Research in this area is very minimal, but as I cited earlier in the article, CBD has a very positive effect on inflammation and chronic pain. Women who take a dosage equivalent to that used to relieve chronic pain, inflammation or both over a 3 month duration, noticed considerable relief in there menstrual cramps.


When purchasing CBD for the first time it can be a very complexed experience. All I can suggest is speak to your CBD professional at canniboil and discover which is the best product for you. 

CBD for period pain

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