Their have been many studies over the recent years regarding the effect of CBD to treat anxiety. The human race is much more busier and more stressed by ratio than it was two decades ago.


Studies  in 2019, uncovered that a dosage of around 300mg-600mg daily substantially relieved anxiety symptoms in around 58 male adults, who tests were conducted on.


Administering CBD oil can be done in many ways. Such as capsules which can be swallowed, oil which can be placed under the tongue for a short period, edibles as in gummies to be chewed and swallowed and spray which can go directly into the mouth.


They will all have a similar affect on the body but will take different lengths of time for the CBD to become effective. these times can range approximately between 30 and 120 minutes. If vaping or smoking is introduced then the impact of CBD can be much more instantaneous.


Their are many people across the globe that use some form of CBD to assist with the symptoms of anxiety. Dosages and uses are very much dependent on age, size, health condition and lifestyle.


Approximate guidelines are as follows.

Anxiety 300mg-600mg daily.

Cancer pain 50mg-600mg daily.

Type 2 diabetes 75mg-100mg daily.

Bowel disease 5mg-10mg twice daily.

Sleep quality 25mg-175mg daily. (upon severity)


These are rough guide lines. Evidently CBD can alleviate many more ailments and conditions. dosage and usage would be discussed with your supplier. 


And finally their is no need to worry about overdosing on CBD oil. This is due to the fact that the stem of the brain which controls the respiratory system (lower brain or cerebellum), is not affected by cannabinoids.

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