Hello there. I like to exercise, and i'm 50 this year, and have always done some kind of exercise, whether it be football, running, cycling or circuits etc. Don't get me wrong there have been many times when iv not been interested at all. This could be periods of days or going back many years ago even months. The point im making, is most of the time half of the battle is just getting there, i think many of you can relate to what i am saying. But on a positive note, what I can also say with great confidence and positivity is, never ever have i done an exercise session of any description and not felt good/fresh/revived/exuberant, or whatever word you wish to use to describe the feeling when done. When we exercise the brain releases peptides/a chemical called endorphins, which basically gives us the feel good factor. The same sort of feeling as we would get from laughter, music, dancing and intercourse. So all i'm emphasizing and suggesting people is. When your having that battle like i do on many occasions to get to the gym. Start winning more battles, because as i said and i think you will agree. The feeling afterwards is very much worth it. Thanks for reading.

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