Cannabinoid or CBD, can affect different people in different ways. Age, size and tolerance are all factors to be taken into consideration when taking CBD.

A teenager for example who is taking it for medicinal purpose, may not need as much an adult who is taking it to relax and unwind. Furthermore an elderly person who has never taken marijuana of any description, will not use as much as a regular smoker, or CBD user as the tolerance threshold within the regular user is higher.

There are many aspects as to why CBD has a different effect on different people. 

Genetics and biochemistry within the body are relating factors which will cause CBD to have a different effect on different people. Research shows that around twenty percent of Americans could have a mutation of genetics. This shows they have greater levels of a substance called anandamide within their body compared to other people.

The compound known as anandamide is consistently produced within the body, and is known to have a relaxing /calming effect which also combines with receptors of the brain that cannabinoid also uses, therefore having a similar effect on the brain as CBD. 

If you do have greater amounts of anandamide within your body, there is no need to be  concerned. You can utilise CBD in other ways, such as helping with sleep, other than for relaxation purposes. 

CBD can also have a contrasting effect on a person dependent upon gender. As in an average female will not require the same amount of CBD as an average male. Their is also evidence to show that females can benefit more than males, due to CBD being suitable for more female symptoms than male symptoms. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, which has hopefully given you an understanding of the affect CBD has on different people and its benefits. I have used CBD for many years now. And I will continue to use it forevermore. All I can say is the benefits and healing properties within CBD are fantastic and evolving all the time. Just like me, you need to be patient and persevere until you find the correct quality supplier of oil and then also to find a dosage that suits you and your symptoms. Thanks for reading.

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