Cannabis is very much recognised for its affect on different medical conditions, and more research is being discovered all the time, allowing users to become more educated in the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids, and conditions such as gastrointestinal and certain autoimmune diseases.

The big question is. Are cannabis and CBD oil good for the immune system. Are these helping my immune system or not ?

Studies in this area are not in abundance. But as our knowledge and understanding becomes more diverse of the affects of cannabis on the body. we also need to expand our thought process, on the affect it has on the immune system.

Current research indicates that cannabis can have a suppressive affect on the immune system. For users with an autoimmune condition this is much welcomed news / research. But for users with a functional immune system this news/research might not be so helpful.weh

Cannabis is celebrated for the benefits it offers in the management of certain medical conditions. As awareness around cannabis grows, consumers are becoming better versed in the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in the treatment of specific autoimmune diseasesinflammation, and gastrointestinal disorders

But how does cannabis affect the immune system as a whole? If you’re a regular consumer, you may have pondered whether cannabis weakens or boosts your immune system. Can frequent cannabis use render you more prone to infections or contagious diseases?

As it turns out, research into cannabis and the immune system hasn’t historically piqued the interest of scientists. However, as our understanding of the effects of cannabis on the body becomes more sophisticated, we need to also broaden our knowledge of how cannabis influences the immune system. 

Present evidence suggests that cannabis can suppress immune system function. While this can be helpful for individuals with autoimmune illnesses, it may not be so beneficial for those with functional immune systems.

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