How to take CBD Oil

CBD in the morning
There are many different ways to take CBD oil.
A lot of this will depend on the dosage you are taking. For example if you was using a 250mg oil using a pipette you could put between 4 - 6 drops of CBD oil under your tongue for a period of up to 2 minutes. You should do this when necessary throughout the day but we wouldn’t recommend more than 4 doses per day.
CBD oil can be administered in other ways. Such as in your tea, coffee and cereal. Also in sweets, capsules and vapes. And then it is just a case of taking small doses at different times over a period of time until you work out what is best for you.
For example, if you are taking CBD oil to aid sleeping we would recommend taking CBD oil 30-60 minutes before bed time.  Likewise, if you are taking CBD oil for aching Joints it would be advisable to have several periods or when necessary throughout the day starting when you wake up. 
There are many different CBD products on the market currently but the  majority of the creams and sweets do not contain enough CBD and often do not get adsorbed into the body as effectively as oil.

Taking CBD under your tongue is a simple process. The process, known as sublingual administration, we believe, is the best way to take CBD oil.  

CBD can easily be absorbed underneath the tongue through the thin mucous membranes there.

Holding CBD oil drops under your tongue for approximately 60 seconds before swallowing allows it to bypass digestion and become rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream.