The effects of cannabis as an immunosuppressive or immunomodulation are often discussed by professionals. When the immune system is suppressed by the effect of cannabis, this process is known as immunosuppression. When the immune system is altered by any treatment this is known as immunomodulation. Its important to stress that the cannabis's potential to suppress the immune system cell structure can be beneficial, but only if it is dysregulated and in need of suppressing. Warrens end 

When scientists discuss cannabis and the immune system, they often discuss its effects as immunomodulatory or immunosuppressive. Immunomodulation refers to any therapy that modifies the immune system response. When cannabis suppresses the expression of aspects of the immune system, this form of modulation is known as immunosuppression

It’s vital to point out here that marijuana’s ability to subdue or suppress immune system cells can be useful if the immune system is dysregulated and in need of suppression. If not, immune suppression might not be helpful. 




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