Professional athletes and sports people often get injured, it comes with the territory. But when they do its imperative that they rehabilitate and recover as soon as possible so they dont lose too much of their sharpness and form.  Generally many athletes would rely on prescribed opioids and other medication to relieve pain and conditions, the likes of inflammation and chronic pain.

The adverse effect to this medication is that a high number of athletes end up battling with opioid addiction, due to these prescribed  medications having adverse side effects.

The introduction of CBD into the sports injury field, is a much more therapeutic way of dealing with sports injuries.

So what is CBD ?


CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound mainly found in marijuana and hemp oil.

These are species of the cannabis plant.


There are over 400 chemical compounds within the cannabis plant, around 60 of these will be cannabinoids also know as CBD. There are also 18 various chemical compounds in the pharma properties of CBD. Hydrocarbons, amino acids and terpenes are three of these familiar compounds. 

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